Which is more attractive to potential buyer??

We are putting together our marketing plans for how we will sell properties that we have purchased and rehabbed. Which is the most desirable strategy to attract potential buyers?? Lease Option or Owner Finance?? With the Lease Option, does using the terminology “Rent-to-Own” work better?? Finally, does the strategy depend on the price point of the property??

In our case, we were planning on 2-3% down for a Lease Option and 5-10% down for Owner Financing. Our target properties will sell for about $175k to $200k, which is slightly above the average selling price for a home in the county ($170k).

IMHO, Owner financing always sounds good no matter what the market.

I think you should use rent-to-own in lower end areas and lease option in the mid to higher end areas. So, for your deals, at the price ranges you’re talking, I suggest lease option or owner financing.

If you willing to offer both, I don’t see any harm in doing that for the same property.