Which is better for long term investment?

I’m new to real estate investing, and I’m looking to invest in rental property for at least 15 years. I’ve been told by a realtor that I should invest in single family homes because they appreciate in value more than duplexes/triplexes.

I’ve found two triplexes near a university that I am interested in buying and renting, but the realtor said to stick with single family homes because of the equity I will eventually have in 15 years when I decide to sell.

Is he correct? Wouldn’t the triplex also appreciate as much as a single family home?

SFH might appreciate faster but MFH will have better cashflow. You have to figure out what your goals are and plan accordingly. No one says you have to pick one or the other, as long as you are buying at a deep discount and buying homes that cashflow regardless of whether they are SFH or MFH you are creating INCOME and WEALTH. If you buy at a discount you already have that much money in equity that is there when you cash out so you’ve already won.

I would strongly suggest to start with a few single family houses. There are many reasons including the fact that SFHs are easier to sell if you decide that rentals are not for you. Additionally, the tenants in SFHs are a little higher on the food chain and they are often better behaved.

However, as Rich said, whatever you do it is IMPERATIVE that the numbers work. Operating rental properties is ALL ABOUT THE NUMBERS!