Which Direction

I’ve read around these forums for a few weeks and have learned a ton. I’ve been incredibly impressed with the knowledge you all have and the courtesy for newbies like myself. I have several questions about which direction of rei you all would recommend to me based upon my situation.
First a little background. I’m an engaged college student in southwest Ohio (Cincinnati). When I graduate in two years I will have some freedom to invest. I am without school loans(thank you God for co-op programs) and my wife to be is graduated and incredibly prudent and resourceful with money. When I graduate and both of us work we will probably make 65-75k the first year. Since my degree is in architecture and planning and I have had some experiences that make me think rei would be a good way to invest, I have decided to definitely give it a hard look.
This said, I have several questions for you:
1. Could you recommend me some books to read regarding real estate investing? I looked at the books in the product catalog, but I wasn’t sure if those are advertisements or legitimate books.
2. Given my situation, what avenue of rei would you recommend I pursue? Currently I am looking at landlording.
3. If I were to landlord, have any of you had any experiences with college rentals? I know the downside would be that there is a lot of turnover and college students aren’t the easiest on property, but I think there could be a huge monetary upside.

Thanks for your time! Please feel free to e-mail me with any advice.

Geoff S

I know you guys got the knowledge!! :slight_smile:
help a rookie out