Which contracts?

I am a newbie in REI. I am interested learning wholesaleing, but I am not sure what contracts I really need to have. At the office supply store they have a disk you can purchase that is supposed to have every contract you need for real estate. I know I do not need all the contracts that are on there, but I am also not sure which ones I do need, and I would also like to make sure that it actually does have the contract(s) I will need before spending the money on it. Are all the contracts named the same or similar so I will know when I read the title if it is what I need? Any advice? ???

If I were you I would get the “essential guide to real estate contracts” by Mark Warda. Written by an attorney… he has a bunch of contracts in the back. For wholesaling all you need is purchase contract to buy, one to sell, and an assignment of contract if you want to assign it.

You can also ask one of your local investors for one which would probably be best. Maybe see if you can go to a local rei meeting.