Which comes first, building your Buyers list or sellers list

Started out now, is it better to build up your buyers list at the beginning or sellers list.

what do you mean agree,

I think this thread will help you make up your mind…


Do both at the same time and you must learn how to balance it. Joining real estate investment associations will help you a lot in finding buyers and sellers,

Definitely a Buyers’ List, especially nowadays and in this market.

Also you need to keep the buyers’ list alive, by sending weekly emails, with news and information about your properties, and most important, survey your buyers and find out which properties they are looking for, so you know what to shop for.

Having a good and “warm” buyers’ list means a world of difference - you are not going to have properties sitting without buyers too long and deals falling apart repeatedly, especially if you want to flip or wholesale.

Do both simultaneously!!

Most here will say build a buyers list first and then start finding deals…Don’t do it!

The way I see it and how I started myself is by doing both at the same time.

Use bandit signs and craigslist…etc to find buyers. While this is happening also starting marketing for deals. When your deal comes, offer it to your buyers, whether its 1 or 100. If they don’t take it, get to know other wholesalers in your market. If you find a good deal, but your have a weak buyers list at the time, other wholesalers are usually very glad to help you find a buyer for a share of the profits.

Time is Money!!

Work Smart, Not Hard!!

And Network, Network!!

Good Luck!!

Build a buyers list first to find out what they want and get it. Its the best way to wholesale deals without money and credit and do it in the fastest most efficient way.

I started with the seller list. :beer


I think you should find buyers first.

If you have sellers, with nothing to sell, they will soon lose interest in you.
If you havea great deal you should be able to find buyers.

That’s my thought – but I have no buyers. :frowning:

I have only bought rentals – 13 now. I am switching to flipping and would like to find some buyers. I have contracts on two houses and no buyers lined up. My plan is to do this:

  1. Try to wholesale is I can find a buyer
  2. If I can’t wholesale, list with an agent for 6 months (I’ll start the rehab when I close)
  3. If it does not sell in 6 months I can rent it – which I have done many times.

We don’t have a local REI club – it closed years ago.Does anyone have any tips for finding other investors?

I have just started a blog where I will detail my experience going from land lord to flipper. I will also discuss my experience as a landlord.

Talk to the local banks and Realtors to find out who’s investing in the area. Repair guys know too. Talk to plumbers since there seems to be more plumbing issues than anything with rentals.

Hello everyone as i am a new member of this forum i found this forum very interesting .Thanks…

I think you should make your buyers list first.
make contacts.