Which banks finance lots over 100 acres?

Ive been searching for a bank that will finance lot purchases over 100 acres and have nbot cvome across any. The greatest acreage of land that a bank would fund is 100 acres (Chase), but that didnt help me at all since the lot in question is 115 acres in Texas. How can I find a lender for this project?

So what do you plan on doing with the land?

residential development

You need to go to a commercial type lender

What you will need to have is an excutive summary (which is like a RESUME or business plan) of who you are and your company, your experience.

exit stategies(like preselling them to contractors or are you going to do all the houses)

permits, Any municipal entitlements, city zoning annexation approvals, copy of any GC licenses and insurance to build on lots, any take down schedules for builders buying lots,sworn construction statement,

use of proceeds statement and what you need for financing

Basically this is like a business plan (selling your idea to the lender like you would a capital venturist)

Then you can get any amount of land you want.