Which Bank do you personally bank with?

Hey Guys,

I am currently with USBank and i am looking at opening another account at another bank… Any recommendations on a bank that you guys currently use? Obviously im not looking for loans or anything like that, simply peoples opinions of banks they have checking/savings accounts with…

Would really appreciate it, as i cant find a single viewpoint of good on any of the banks i have looked up online like BofA or Wellsfargo or Chase…


Well, I was with Chase and left after they kept putting long holds on my deposits.

I went to Wamu and now, obviously since the Wamu failure I’m back at Chase.

One good thing about Chase is that they allow online transfers between business and personal accounts. It’s convenient and they are the only bank I’ve found that allows it.

I am wiht WaMu also (I guess Chase) I don’t have access to move funds between personnel and business, but when I call the branch they do it for me (they know me).

Chase said that WaMu will keep its name and obviously its portfolio and branches. That makes you wonder why is a messed up WaMu being run by managment from WaMu better now just because it is run by the managers at Chase. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE…THEY ARE GOING TO CHANGE SOMETHING.