Which bandit sign do you use?

I plan on using bandit signs and was wondering if there is one that works better than another. My guess is that the “We Buy Houses” is the best. But I wanted to know what kind of responses you guys were getting.
Thx for the in-put!


I used bandits for over three years on a regular basis. I haven’t put any out since last September since I changed my biz model and was still getting enough leads through my web site, truck, and word of mouth.

I’ve tried numerous variations and never noticed much difference in the response rates. Some that I tried include:

we buy houses
we buy ugly houses
we buy houses fast
sell your house fast
sell your house today
etc., etc.

The one I never tried that I would try if I were going to do it again is “stop foreclosure”. I always wanted a larger market appeal with my signs, but I would think the responses to this message would be easy leads to work.

my view…

Go to www.banditsigns.com

They have lots of different signs for investors to choose from.

Tell them Stacy Kellams sent you.

Thanks for the advise!

I have used one bandit sign and it was “Avoid Foreclosure”.
We got calls on this one, but they didn’t want to sell their house.
They wanted to refinance or get a loan. Is there something I can do to help these kind of ppl and make money?