Where's the Columbus, Ohio crew at??

What’s up guys? I’ve been a member here for awhile now, but have gotten busy and not been able to post as much as I’d like. I’m currently in Cincinnati but work is bringing me to Columbus and I know there is a pretty decent size showing from central ohio on this board. I’m just trying to get a feel for “who’s who” because I’m looking to jump in with both feet as far as investing goes as soon as I get up there!

Come on out of the weeds! 8)

How bout any Bama boys outthere? You know"American by birth and Southern by the grace of GOD", Anyone?

I am in Dayton but my investing area is Cleveland. Because of the predatory lending las in Ohio it is hard to find private/HML investors anywhere. Columbus like Cleveland has great prices for houses and the potential for porfitis real good.

I have a few private HML’s I work with in Cincinnati. What exactly is it that you’re talking about with predatory lending laws in ohio?

The predatory lending somewhat prevents TRUE HML lender to work. For example in GA a TRUE HML lends on the property and equity. Credit etc of the borrower is not a concern. Here in Ohio all the HML lenders I have run in want to pull credit and remind me of a bank.


I am from Northeast Ohio, what types of properties do you invest in?

Well when I get a chance I will invest in single family houses.

Howdy, im one of the folks from Columbus…GA.

Robbin - I’ve run into that too with HML’s but their programs are usually stated, no-doc too, which is a plus.

Come on, I know there’s more Columbus, Ohio people out there! ;D

i have a few properties in and around youngstown, within a 15 mile radius i guess