Where's the best places to sell 5 wholesal homes? Need Direction Please

Where’s the best places to sell 5 wholesal homes? One of them should sell really fast because it has a $30K cashback offer. Need Direction Please.
I tried, signs, newspapers, craiglist, anywhere else I might be over looking?

Call the ads in your local paper that says we buy houses for cash. Also look on craigslist under real estate services. You’ll find cash buyers there.

Call the local homevestor franchise. We’ve had success wholesaling stuff to them.

Good luck.

If you tried all those and you’re not getting any bites, you may want to recheck your numbers to be sure it’s that good of a deal. Just a thought.


Have you tried any nearby REIAs? Many of them have websites with contact info, so if the meeting isn’t for another couple of weeks you can always send an email.

Try an online auction that works with the local MLS. We run them with our partner.

Are there some online auction websites that you can recommend. Newbie, i have three properties to wholesale, any help will be appreciated.