Where's Pete??

So what happened? Did he go too far? :smile

It was a mutual agreement between Pete and the site Management that he take a long vacation.

what a shame

what a shame

It truly is a shame that someone with his level of knowledge would turn in to a simple thug by threatening anyone who disagreed with him.

I thought he was a big downer at first, then I hated him, then I began to understand what he was saying. Too bad, he brought a lot to these boards.

It’s OK to disagree…it’s not OK to abuse and bully other Members.


Bless his heart, ol’ Pete was definitely passionate about his beliefs - right, wrong or in between. But no, one shouldn’t bully another for disagreeing; I guess I chalked up what I saw here in public to a particular writing style. Evidently there was more I’m not privvy to…

I guess since I am not a moderator I didn’t see the bullying posts you guys saw. What I did see was a lot of people complaining about him being “Doom and Gloom” and accusing him of being “Negative”. Not to mention, he said countless time that this will be a great time to make money in the months ahead.

But again I did not read all of his posts. So I guess the Mods will have to get the benefit of the doubt. But Pete, if you read this please email, or PM me to let me know where you will be posting. Or at least so I can pick your brain.

I’m going to take this high road on this and not post the actual note(s) sent…though petemfa would not have. Suffice it to say that you would have reported the Prvate Messages that he sent, too.


For those of you that are so upset with Pete, could it be that you have a lot of your own money going down the toliet in this mess? Why would half the users on this board love him and half hate him? Only thing that makes sense to me is the truth is really hurting right about now??

petemfa has some other issues that I would prefer not to air to the entire group. it has ZERO to do with profits or loss in REI.

Like I said, I am taking the high road and not “trampling on his grave”…

I think that all of the surmizing should end and let it die. He’s gone. It was a ‘self-inflected sucking chest wound’.


I would have to agree. Thanks Pete for all your excitement. Thanks to the mods for all they do to keep this site running smoothly, even if it is not the most popular thing to do sometimes. Let’s all move on. :beer

I miss Pete, it’s sad that he did things that got him booted. Pete if you’re reading this send me an email and keep in touch, I value your insight.

I guess I’m the resident doom and gloomer now. Pete was def knowledgeable and I appreciated his insight, but didnt appreciate his bashing. Differing opinions is what makes sites like this work and he wasn’t open to others.

I agree. I thought Pete had a better handle on the marco economics of today than anyone. He had insight worth paying for.