Where's FDJAKE??

Does anyone know what happened to the Great FDJAKE? I miss checking this site and reading his information filled posts. FDJAKE if you still visit here I want to buy you a beer or two just to pick your brain!! :beer

He hasn’t even logged on here since September…and then it was about cars and motorcycles. If you have something specific, you could PM him…


last I checked…(few weeks ago)…

raking in the dough…up in ri.

fwiw…my fave fdjake quote:

You make MORE when you learn to put down your TOOLS and pick up your PEN!!!


I check for his posts every time I visit this site. Disappointing that he’s no longer active.

Moderators, maybe he should be paid to continue posting on this site :cool

Yeah, we can pool our pay and give 20% of it to FDJAKE…

…Let’s see…five Moderators times 20% times zero…equals, uhhhh…zero!

Maybe we should all PM him and fill his box with messages asking where he’s been… Let him know this place isn’t the same without him!

I am actually in RI myself and would like to add him to my buyers list… better yet like I said sit down with him to chat, just dont want him to think I’m stalking him! If he starts posting here again I’m cool with that too! :crossfingers

Hate to say it, but it is this reason he is not here.

Yes, I miss his postings too. I posted once that he should put together a quick book of his advice postings. I believe it could be a best-seller. He had a way of cutting right to the heart of any deal. It was very exciting reading.

I also miss Propertymanager Mike who first got me confident enough to post on REI despite my zero computer skills. Mike got his feathers ruffled in those old political debates we used to have. But he was a valuable voice in landlording skills.

Where’s our Ohio high school graduate who became a nurse? Maybe it’s like John Lennon said…“Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.”


I doubt I’m the reason that he’s not posting here anymore. He’s been posting here for years and now because someone in the same state he lives in that just wants to learn from the guy scares him away, I doubt it. So if I was to bring him a deal where he could potentially make a large profit he would pass on it? If you are correct then like I said I’m fine with just reading his posts here!

Thanks for your input though, I guess I’ll back off.

I wondered the same thing about the high school kid…

Yeah that was Josh from Indiana. Hoosier4life2005
He hasn’t been here since April 2012. He took breaks before but always came back.
Last I knew he was considering moving to Texas.

You are right Hoosier4life2005 used to contact me a lot about moving to Texas. I expected him to ring my doorbell anyminute for a while there. But then he just fell off the end of the earth. I miss him.

Yeah that was Josh from Indiana. Hoosier4life2005 He hasn't been here since April 2012. He took breaks before but always came back. Last I knew he was considering moving to Texas.

Hi Justin,

send you another email.

thank you!


Hoosier did come down to visit Texas. He stayed in dallas for a few days. We hung for a couple hours and I showed him around the North Texas area where I live. He is sinus hung up his RN degree online.