where will the baby boomers move to?

2010 is fast approaching. In my town, there are over 190 houses for sale and it seems that about 70% of the sellers are over 58 years old.

people are moving to the coast; read last month’s National Geographic. I read this article this weekend while laying on my couch after taking 5600 lbs of construction debris to the dump (it was 105F there at 10am; the joys of SoCal desert properties.) Anyways, they have graphs and charts! Check it out.

What does “2010” have to do with anything? 2007 and 2015 are approaching also…?


BTW - I’m still waiting for the personal jetpack that I was promised in the 21st Century!


I tend to agree with Keith. Just because there will be a lot of people retiring doesn’t mean everyone will move or to the same place. On the east coast the sterotypical place for retirees is Florida but don’t expect a mass migration.

I just brought it up because the wsj has run a series in recent weeks about the types of houses and communities retirees are moving to. I apologize for the idle 2010 reference, but it was not intended to conjure up images of the antediluvian sci-fi movie. Rather, it’s the year that will experience record retiring in this country and may not be equaled for decades, if ever.

Thanks for the responses.

Ahhhh…it seemed a date plucked from air…makes more sense now!

This phenomena is also prevalent in the Federal Government sector where a HUGE percentage of the workforce is aging and is either retirement eligible or will be in the next 5 years…this is expected to cause a huge knowledge vacuum caused by hte “brain drain”…



I wasn’t aware they worked to begin with.

The bad part is I lost my crystal ball. So now I work off of my 8 ball that I bought at “toys r us”

If you have any questions for it let me know and I will ask it.

Here I will try this.

“Will the boomers move to Africa?”

and the ball says

not likely ask again later!

Hummmm maybe I should start marketing this idea.

so I guess it is fair to say do not buy houses in Africa!

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“Not in this life time”

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