Where were those distress properties again?

Where can i find those discounted properties to establish good cash flow? And what is the formula that I should be using that lets me know that i have a good deal

Distressed properties are easy to find. Drive around and look for ugly ducklings that stick out like a big ugly hairy sore thumb. Find a dumpy apartment building, find the owner of record via tax records, make contact.

When you guys are getting estimates for repairs do ypou call a general contractor or ind ones like one for plumbing, one for wiring, sheetrock, carpeting, painting? I need some estimates but not sure where to start first. I have a duplex that is a wreck and has 4 ft of water standing under house and its foreclose asking price is 21,999. The land is worth 6000, so could you see me asking 6000. and the bank taking it. tax value says building worth 35,000
Another question, how do you get banks to offer. I have been calling a bank in minn, and one in Fla that I get voice messages and no one calls back. Does this happen to you guys much and what do you do to offer a price?