Where to start in Learning about Real Estate

I like to know where are some really good programs or books that would help me get into Real Estate?


Hi Rosemary,

If you found this site you are headed in the right direction!
Find out where your local real estate investors group meets
and attend all the meetings you can. You can go to
www.nationalreia.com to find the one closest to you.
The group I belong to has about 5 meetings or so a month. They have a monthly and several focus groups. That would be your best starting point.

As far as books, when I got started I went to the local
library and starting going thru all the ones they had on
re investing. It gets too expensive buying them, 1st
you need to decide what type of investing you want to do,
and then buy your books. There are so many ways to
invest in re, it can be a little overwhelming at 1st.

There are at least 50 websites that I go to for info.
Just keep watching this site, ck out www.creonline.com and you will get links to all the info you will ever have the time to read.

Good Luck in you real investing adventure! :smiley:
Anderson, SC

For books and program- To start off I am a big fan of the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” books, he will get you focused and motivated, his books were a much needed kick in the pants for me. After you get the basics down, write a plan, and decide which area of real estate you want to get into I.E, flipping,birddogging,rehabs,foreclosures,REO,rentals. Go to your local investment clubs and network. The more advanced programs would be from Dave Lindahl, Robyn Thompson, Louis Brown and the list goes on. Go out and look at deals, the street is the teacher. Those are my thoughts and a very general outline of real estate investing.
Good Luck And Never Give Up!

Hi Rosemary,

I think it’s great that you’re interested in real estate. It’s an amazing way to supplement your income or to branch out into a whole new line of work altogether. But just like anything, it takes education. The book that really helped me was Steve Maletos’ “Fast Cash in Foreclosures.” It’s pretty thick and covers most aspects of the business. Some of his principles are kind of shady, but for the most part I have definitely profited from it. I can’t remember the exact website, but you can probably just type in his name under Google and find it. If you recieve a call from his “success” team after purchasing the book, just say “no thanks.” Good luck in your endeavors!

Chris Humston

I have done a lot of researching, thought some of the info can be overwhelming, but none the less I am determine to understand the whole process. I will read and look at the books you have mention.

If you don’t mind me asking. What was your very first deal like?

I bet you had many road blocks that you had to hurtle over.

I suppose once you achieve knowledge and feel comfortable that you know your stuff that things will start to work in your favor.

I guess I should hit the books and feed my brain.

And thanks to your input I will use every kind information that I can to get myself started. :banana::banana::banana:


The most important thing is to go out and look at deals. My first deal I made a lot of mistakes. It was a duplex, I went through 3 brokers in a month and a half, a good broker is hard to find. I did not check up on the police reports on the current tenants, if I did I would have seen that they were drug dealers, which soon after taking over the property I had to evict. Not fun. But I had learned a lot of street smarts from that deal. ou can only read so much before you have to jump in and swim.

Thanks for the advise, Visionary. I be sure to let you know about my progress.

Hi Mary,

Here is the link for Steve’s course mentioned above Fast Cash In Real Estate Foreclosures I too am new to this good luck.


I see you found the website. You can either order a hard copy of the book or buy it as an ebook and print it off. The whole deal with his “success” team is that they’ll call you saying that for $3000 they’ll work one on one with you and that there’s a 92% guarantee you’ll be successful. Use that money towards something smart, like a downpayment. Personally, I think it’s a scam. Just stick with the book. The book is good. Happy reading.

start by reading all the free arctiles you can find on this and other good web sites for investors. Then ask the folks who have made cash, alot whats there reccomendation.

Mine recc is steve cooks wholesaling for quick cash, 200 bucks, once you master that, and have cash set aside, do sub tos, john cash and william tingle both have great courses on sub tos.

look forward to hearing of your success!