where to post investment opportunity?

I have a close friend working in China, in a company called Lunar Capital Management. (very high profile, google it and you will see plenty info about the company)

The company specialize in invest in growing private companies. (companies with minimum revenue 2 to 3 million USD per year, but haven’t gone public) They get their fund from foreign investors, europeans, North Americans.

If I bring investors to them, they pay me 1% commission. I want to try and post a couple ads for people who might be interested in investing with them, anyone has a suggestion for a good site?

minimum amount required to invest is 2 million USD
20% to 30% annual return per project, record available to show

Investor can video conference with their sales team, and then fly to the head quarter and look at the current project available for investors, and finished projects.

I tried to post online but without much result, since this is kind of for high net worth investors. A lot of the local high end investment clubs are also private. I don’t want to invest a lot of time on this, is there a easy way to find interested investors?
I would have thought with those crazy return record it would be a lot easier.

Yes, Real estate investment is the most profitable business these days. You can find many real estate websites online. Like previewstay where they offer the buyer to stay in the home before buying it. It would be like renting home before buying- if user buys then its profit and if not then also as you will be renting your place.
Not to forget , it will also build customer satisfaction.

You need to know the resources used by your targeted audience while looking for property. If they opt for Offline Marketing you should place an Ads on Television, Newspaper, Radio, etc and if they use Internet as a Medium to search then you should go for online marketing.

Browse the forums on various real estate investor websites and check if there are any investor in your area.

Online marketing is a great way to make real estate deals I have bought and rented many homes on Facebook

According to me Social media will be very much helpful in real estate investment business.

Get Real - you are after high net worth investors - not Internetworth investors
For credibility you need to advertise in places they trust - like the ROBB Report, Wall Street Journal … and therefore take space on the internet in places like WSJ, CNBC, etc

If you invest in a project within an approved Regional Center in a targeted employment area (rural area or high unemployment area) or in a troubled business, the minimum investment per investor is $500,000. You family consisting of immediate family members (spouse and children under age 21 at the time of filing of your I-526 petition) are included in the principal investor’'s I-526 petition. They are not required to invest. If you have extended family members who wish to immigrate, then they must qualify independently for EB-5 program. They may not be included in your I-526 petition. If the investment is in a new commercial enterprise outside a targeted employment area, the minimum required investment is increased to $1,000,000 per investor. Investment must typically remain committed until your I-829 petition to remove conditions is approved. Investment characteristics and exit strategies of each project differ in each regional center. You should conduct your own due diligence or have your immigration attorney inquire before you decide to choose a particular regional center and project within a regional center.

Search some good real estate websites and check and filter if their is any form or not, then try to find out some of the best investment place.

If you are posting online about this opportunity, i better advise to put some proof as well, don’t just forward your audience to do the rest of the work, it seems tedious job to do, you need to provide them all the information, pros and cons and related material they might need to decide.

Maybe you should try social media