where to place the money

I currently own 3 houses.One I live in and two rentals.I owe 166k on the houses and have 140k-160k in equity.I also have 30k in savings(401k).I am afraid that my debt to income will keep me from buying more houses.I need to know how to combined the loans so that I am paying out less each moth and freeing up some cash flow.I am currently paying out 2,000 a month in payments.Only one house is rented (550) and the other is under renovation.It will rent for 550. or 600. Any help or advice would be great.

Thanks,Hopper ???

If your credit score is decent (620+) there are options to combine both loans while using only 1 property to secure the loan. You may save a lot of interest doing it this way also. I hope this helps.

The house I just bought is under a hard money loan.I want to figure something out before I go to refinance.Our credit is in the 700’s. My other rental is an equity line.We paid cash for the house.The equity line is 38k and the note on the second house is 56k.My concern of combinding them is losing both if I go into default.How do I avoid this?Any ideas on the best way to do this?

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When I say combine, I mean to combine both loans and only use one of the properties as collateral. You can keep the others free and clear. I will be in the office today if you want to give me a call.