Where to look for funding for wholesale transactions

With everything going on with the coronavirus I want to transition to wholesaling deals instead of wholesaling to reach a larger number of buyers. Where is the best place to look for a private money partner that would like to partner up on off-market deals direct to seller and then list them on MLS. I am a licensed agent in Texas so I would be listing the property once purchased and save on the 3% listing agent fees. If someone out there has an answer reach out and lets chat about the details!

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I would try Meetup.com - they are hosting virtual meetups for certain cities, you may be able to find a partner there. Also, bigger pockets is a good place to meet partners for this sort of thing. Many people may be holding their money back now due to the potential recession coming, but others have been waiting years to dump there money in now. It’s out there!

Try searching for public records. Each time a mortgage is made, the related documents are publicly recorded at the local county government, found online or in the building itself. From these documents, you can find out who the lenders are on properties.

or you can also have the lenders come to you by posting your real estate deal on the following sites:

ReiClub Network Forum
BiggerPockets Forums

To look for local investors, join a real estate investment group in your area and also facebook group.

Try lending home they are providing hard money.

I am a Private Money Lender and I can lend in most states in the United States. My process is fast and easy and bad credit is OK. Contact me and bring me your deal information and we can get started with the process of getting you funded. Carolyn Stefanski 229-308-2203