Where to look for a property manager - Cleveland

I have a SFH in Cleveland that I am about to rent. Where would I look to find a reputable property management company?

Does anyone have any experience with one in this market?

Thanks in advance!

I would look in the mirror. That is the guy/gal that will do the best job; will care about your rental; will not over-charge you for every little thing; and will not run off with your rent money!

Good Luck,


Thanks Mike. I would manage it myself if I was local, but I am out of state. I also have properties in Texas and Idaho that are professionally managed and this has worked well for me.

Thanks, Corey

Who are you’re trusted friends on the ground in Cleveland that can refer someone to you? If you don’t have someone there you can trust you shouldn’t be investing there. Do you trust the realtor that helped you find this place? Can you call them for a reference?