Where to learn about Sub2?

My goals include long-term holding to generate monthly cash flow and build wealth. Of course, the true goal is to be my own boss!

I would like information on where to learn about Sub2, lease to own, and carrying notes. I have a pretty good knowledge of REI, but not to the level I would like in these areas. My credit rating is excellent, I’ve saved plenty of money to get started, am willing to take risks, and have a little experience.

If you can suggest books, web-sites, or courses that are solid (not full of hot air and motivational jaw-jacking without real-world instruction) please post it here or PM me. Thanks!

And thanks for such a great web site!! I love it!

Here’s some suggestions in no particular order…

– Visit William Tingle’s discussion forum at www.Sub2deals.com

– Read 5 Magic Paths by Lumley (check books here for Amazon link)

– Buy John Locke’s Sub2 manual - the access to John is worth more than the price of the course (available here or several other sites)

– Buy Bronchick’s Alternative Real Estate Financing course for additional input and forms (available here or several other sites)

– The best course I’ve seen on paper is John Behle’s The Paper Game 5 Day Training (available here or at www.papergame.com)

– For lease options, I’d recommend Bronchick’s course and Joe Kaiser’s course (you can contact Joe at www.foreclosureclues.com) as they don’t overlap. I’ve heard Claude Diamond’s course (www.claudediamond.com) is good, but I’ve never seen it. Also, folks usually speak highly of Lou Brown’s (www.louisbrown.com) materials.

Hope that helps…