Where to invest?

I want to farm and hence explore a county for rei purposes and want to know everything about it. I figure some of the obvious data (if I can get my hands on) I should be analyzing is:

  1. population increase/decrease (and forecasted)
  2. median household income
  3. age brackets of the residents and % share of total
  4. number of houses
  5. number of new units built
  6. median house prices (increase/decrease)…

What are some of the other data that would help me decide whether to invest in a county/township/municipality/city?

I will greatly appreciate opinions/thoughts of experienced investors. Thanks.

Maybe job market would help. If there is only one large employer such as a plant of some kind. What happens if they shut down? Is there enough business in the area to support the housing market?

One thing I think it important is to find out how good the schools are in the city or neighborhood you want to farm.