Where to get my practical knowledge...

I havnt posted in some time now…
Since my last post, when I was 18 years old, I moved to RI to attend college.
I continue to study real estate on my own but lack practical, real world knowledge.
I have posted several ads on the local Craigslist explaining my situation, kindly asking someone to take m “under their wing” and help a young, ambitious, yet lost, college student out. Obviously, no one likes my ad. So I turn to REI Club for advice. I need some real world experiences. I am planning on taking the pre-license course for my sales agent license end of May. Advice would be helpful!


Go to the “search” option at the top of the REIClub webpage where you will find a ton of free info. on many subjects.

Go to your library and check out the real estate investing books, they may have tapes as well. Take that licensing course.

Do you want to sell real estate? Invest in real estate? What do you want to do?


Good to meet you…

You are going about it the right way… Just ask a bunch of questions and read a bunch of answers… Determine for yourself who has knowledge and who doesn’t… Find a mentor in your area or hire a national one. Remember you get what you pay for…

One more thing… This business requires you to work your ass off… No quick rich schemes here… Sure you can get lucky but you cannot sustain luck… You have to want to do this or this business will turn your desires into a wimpy pile of wannabe crap.

Good Hunting


What do you use a donkey for?


What do you use a donkey for?

To carry the building materials from Lowes to my rentals? What else? I certainly can’t afford to use my pickup truck anymore - not with gas at $3.95 per gallon!


Well, you can also use the waste to fertilize the garden!


Compared to the other crap people spend money on… gas is dirt cheap.

Mike Lowes delivers give the ass a break… Hee Haw!