Where to get Land Trust Agreement?

I am trying to find where I can get a form for land trust agreement? I currently reside in NJ but can’t find any forms online. Any suggestions or ideas where to go would be great.

Call an attorney, using online forms is not a great idea.

I am trying to find out how to create a simple land trust for assigning property by assigning beneficiary interest. Do I need an attorney to create the land trust each time or can I do it fairly quick?

I heard that you really just need to fill out a land trust agreement and thats it, doesn’t really get sent anywhere. Is this true?

Thanks in advance

You might be able to re-use a trust doc in the same state. I wouldn’t use one state’s doc in another state without checking first to make sure it is legal.

Assigning contracts with land trusts is a little iffy legally. Make sure a local attorney reviews your concept from a consumer protection, practicing without a license, and tax perspective.

Gurus will never tell you all the details to do it correctly because they either don’t know them or don’t want to scare you away. Their job is to hawk their material.

Land Trusts are wonderful and profitable for gurus and attorneys due to exactly the kind of questions you ask. They can seem confusing at first. That helps to sell programs which, in some cases, leave you more confused. There is a consensus (at least among gurus and attorneys selling programs) that they help you remain relatively anonymous and keep opportunistic lawsuits in check, avoid DOS, etc. and that may be, but I’m not convinced they’re as great or essential as we are led to believe, especially online, where everyone’s got a program to sell. Run your business responsibly, carry plenty of liability insurance, and you’re pretty protected with or without a Land Trust.

You’ll still need to record a deed, though. The land trust document itself is not recorded and not publicly viewable, but the Trust’s ownership of the property must be recorded, obviously. Contact and REI club or group somewhere in your area/state, they can steer you to a local affiliate atty who’ll help. Most attorneys don’t really understand them and will advise against them for that reason, adding to the confusion. You can do it yourself on the cheap, but consider that if you mess up, the benefits you hope to derive from the Trust may fade in comparison to sorting out title issues.