where to get delinquent list

Does anyone know where you can get a 30 / 60 / 90-day delinquent payement list? I’m in Portland, OR.

thanks, Matt

Hi matt…I am a newbie but I will throw a few bones in hopes that some of the grownup REIs will add some meat.

I’m not sure what you mean by “30 / 60 / 90-day delinquent payment list”. Companies will sell/rent your information if you have good payment history (to credit card and car financiers), but otherwise my understanding was that they don’t announce your late payment history until it is approaching default status.

You can check your County Recorder of Deeds for Lis Pendens. The terminology might be different in your area, but that’s what we call it in Cook County (Illinois). But whoever maintains records of home deeds and mortages, that’s where you want to look. And what you are looking for are Notices of Default/Pre-Foreclosure/NOD/Lis Pendens.

If you are looking for people that are late on taxes you can check with your revenue department. You will need a PIN number or some other identifying information to look into people’s files. Some have tax sale mailing lists that you can get on.

As far as a list goes, though, I hear that you can contact banks and ask to be notified of defaulted mortgages so that they can be a step ahead of the public record. I haven’t personally tried this but I plan to since there are some smaller banks in my area (I don’t know if a larger bank chain would bother). My ex husband has bought a house in Illinois and one in Indiana this way. If he can do it, it must not be too hard to do :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope this information helps you…d