Where to get Big Investors?

I need some Multi-Million investors for great deals runnin 50-68% LTV…I just got nowhere to go with them =…[

but with the “bad” economy, what are some of the advantages for businesses, real estate investors?


this goes for anyone who’s planning or thinking about getting into rei or business. if you approach it with an attitude that employs the word “can’t” - you’re seriously behind the 8 ball.

i live on Long Island - investing here with little or no money…and here anything less than 100k is as good as nothing - i could say, “i can’t invest here.” but i avoid that by saying to myself, “i’m choosing not to invest here now. How can i invest here in the future…or even the immediate future?”

the difference between negative energy and positive energy is half the battle for success!

You can find big investors by building relationships. It takes a while, but they come to you after you build your reputation or you come across them as you network. We have investor clubs in town and most of the “Big” guys are the quiet, reliable ones who keep to themselves. It takes a while to develop a relationship with them because they have to trust your experience and ethics first.

You won’t have a hard time finding big investors if you have a strong reputation, are known for doing deals, and work by word-of-mouth.

i was about to attend my first reiclub meeting on pre construction the other night.

i’ve been putting it off because i live on long island and lets just say you get a sort of interesting “mix” of individuals when it comes to long islanders…we’re a different breed.

city folk call us LIDS…short of Long Island D*cks

lots of BSer’s, fast money and the whole 9.

anyway, i didn’t go due to death in the family. but i’m gonna go.

You may also want to try other business clubs and other professional networks. Real estate-related business groups may be best for you. You’d be able to network with builders, agents, lenders etc. I’ll try to rattle off a few real quick:

  1. Local chapter of the National Home Builder’s Association. There’s also NAHREP, which is big here. The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals.
  2. Local CCIM chapter (commercial) re or REALTOR groups such as the WCR (Women’s Council of REALTORS) or other member organizations.
  3. BNI-type networking groups that allow one person of each profession.
  4. Your local Chamber of Commerce. Ours has subgroups such as the South and Northwest Austin Chambers. We also have ethnic chambers of commerce. Anytime you can meet other business folks, it helps.

Network, network, network. Connect with lawyers, etc. and let all the professionals you meet know that you solve problems.

  1. Make sure they know what types of problems you solve and who they should refer to you. Tell them how much of a finder’s fee you pay, if you pay one.
  2. Make sure they remember you by following up after you meet them just to keep in touch.
  3. Put all of the names in a database so you can keep track of who is sending you business, etc.