Where to Find the Rules for Soliciting Private Investors...

We currently own several properties free and clear and are frequently encountering new opportunities in our niche.
We would like to borrow money from private investors - essentially as a mortgage/note that will be secured by the property and recorded with the city. The mortgage/note will be to our LLC that owns the property, we would personally guarantee the loan.

The potential investors that we target are “friends”/acquaintances, etc. - very rarely complete strangers. And we only concentrate our efforts within the same state that we work/live/operate.

Having said all that, we want to make sure that we don’t break any laws regarding the solicitation of private investment.

Is there a certain place where I could read upon on applicable laws/regulations?

Thanks for any help/suggestions.

I would start with your states SEC web site. I have quite a bit of information on various states if you can tell where you live. Maybe I have something I can shoot your way to help.