Where to find private investors?

I am trying to start a home building company.

I cannot at this time qualify for loans from banks or other financial institutions due to lack of income.

Does anyone have any tips on finding private investors. I have no problem giving the investor equity in the company if that’s what it will take to get me started.

I have considered raising money through the SEC by selling bonds, but don’t know the realities of that yet.

Hard money loans would be too expensive to make a profit with.

Ideally, I would borrow money, then construct and sell a house within 6 months, at which point, I would pay off the entire loan.

I have googled “angel investors” and “venture capitalists,” but most of these are not willing to invest in such projects.

Has anyone ever used FaceBook for such a thing?

search your county records for mortgages in the past 6months - 1 year. ignore all the major banks (BOA, wells fargo etc.). look for individual names…these will be your private money lenders.

How do I search county records for mortgages?

Orange County, FL for example.

take a trip to your county clerks office. it’s worth visiting and they can show you

How do I search county records for mortgages?

Orange County, FL for example.


The best place to find them in my opinion is at your local real estate investment club. You get to know who these people are and can easily form a relationship.

They wanted $175 even to attend a meeting. Do you think it’s worth it?

At this point, I have $0 to put down, so it might be hard to find someone anyway.

I posted an advertisement on Craigslist with no responses yet.

I can’t figure out how to get the data off this site.

Do you know what I should click on?

keep searching and go to meetups.

Where to find the money is the ‘genius’ behind every deal!

Look at ‘qualified plans’ and you will find some $7 Trillion sitting and earning minimal returns. Put a game plan together including amounts needed and interest you are willing to pay; then begin to ask everyone you talk with each day, “how much of your IRA (or retirement money) is earning under [then insert the interest you plan to pay].” If you interest rate is good enough…the answer will always be, ‘all of my IRA is earning under that rate.’

Then pitch your deal and ask for the money…people are more likely to write you a check from their self directed IRA or pension then their savings account as there is a layer of time that allows them to part with their money because it won’t be needed until 59 1/2 or later.

I’ve paid 12% to 18% over the years for short term deals…even if you pay 18% and you only use the money for 4 months, that is 1.5% monthly X 4 months = 6% to get your deal done…$7 Trillion for the asking.

This is not a thought or theory…I’ve done this since 1991 and it works just fine.

Hope this helps.

If you don’t have any money yourself you’re willing to risk, I think you’ll have a hard time getting others to put up cash.