Where to find LOCAL Forums as Good as this one!?


Does anyone know how to locate REI discussion boards and forums in major cities such as Chicago?

I think this forum is fantastic and I think a local board with the same high quality content could be extremely useful for makert-specific knowledge.

Thanks for your help.

Tim from Chicago

<<Where to find LOCAL Forums as Good as this one!?>>

This one’s a peach…I doubt that you will!

Just one person’s opinion!


ok ok…How about one in a local area that is half as good? ???

Have you visited any of the local REIA groups in the area?

That’s kind of like the same thing as an online forum, except that you actually go out and talk to people directly, face-to-face, in person. :slight_smile:

Interestingly enough, that’s also how you put deals together, so it’s a good chance that you can learn and earn at the same time.






That is a good idea. I have contacted the REI clubs in my area. Only two within reasonable driving distance of Chicago, and one of them (McHenry), was shut down because of lack of interest.

The other one is in Palatine and they are having a meeting tomorrow, as it states on their web site. I have not been able to contact them and the contact person listed has not gotten back to me…so the hell with it. I’m going out to Palatine tomorrow night and we’ll see what happens.

I am a bit suprised though, that there isn’t more organized groups, forums, etc. located in Chicago.

Any other ideas anyone may have…I’ll take em and run with em :wink:


Tim from the CHI