Where to find lists of investors that have seller financed thier homes

I am looking for a list of investors that have sold thier homes to a new buyer and are carrying the note. Where would one go to find where these types of purchases have taken place?

a list company…

is it possible to view them in public files? Im trying to save a little money.

Land contracts can be recorded with a municipality, but aren’t required to be, at least my my area.

you can try to find the major players who close those deals. In my area - most of the investors go to a handful of attorneys who close the transactions. Check with your local REI club to see what attorneys are affiliate members. I’m an escrow officer and I get a pretty good number of these transactions as well because I’m involved in the REIclub in San Antonio. So, just start networking with the title companies or the escrow officers who do closings for your investors in your clubs.

Has anyone tried a title company? I heard that they are pretty good as well.