where to find info (days on the market, etc)

Hi all,

Can somebody suggest where to find statistics on how many days a property stays on the market before it sells by county/zip code?


To me the most accurate way of getting this is going thru your local realtor and for a CMA (comparative market analysis) listing. I know there are some sites in the net that will give you this listing…for a fee!

But going thru your realtor is FREE. And its more accurate and you could even have a more professional opinion on how the properties are moving in your neighborhood. Of course, the realtor you’re looking for is someone who’s experienced and knows the area very well.

Going through your agent isn’t necessarily free. Agents are independent contractors who can choose to charge for comps or DOM information. Nothing is free. It all boils down to relationships. If you develop a win-win relationship with a realtor, you will get this information “freely” but not “free.” If you try to screw them, they will blackball you. As with anything, ethical behavior always reaps rewards.