Where to find Cheap Lockboxes??

It looks like I’ll be needing a number of lockboxes for marketing dozens of properties – Would love suggestions on the lowest pricing I could find for them.


They usually have them at Lowe’s for around $30. The other thing you could try, if you don’t mind used, is Ebay.


Home depot has the blue keyboxes for $20-25 or so.

Order off of just about any Realtor website. The link from Paul Broni is great. In a pinch, you can buy them from any locksmith in your area.

Maybe have a look at any local pawn shops as well.

Cant imagine finding them at pawn shops, but who knows? I think Home Depot is about the cheapest and easiest you will find.

Yeah, I know pawn shops would be a shot in the dark, but it’s worth a shot… they can have the strangest things at pawn shops sometimes :biggrin. I also stumbled into this site that seems to have some pretty cheap lockboxes: www.wholesalelocks.com They’re a yahoo store and accept Paypal, and it looks like they have a good reputation.

I get mine here. www.landlordlocks.com they are the best. Plus check out the other locks they sell.

Somewhat related, I love Master Lockboxes and would highly recommend them. Don’t look at the price, you will need 1 per house and with the profit potential, the price is minimal.