Where to find Bird dogs?

So as far as I know bird dogs do research or whatever to find properties that they give to investors for a finders fee, correct?

Well I was wondering where do I go to find bird dogs? I’m in Los Angeles. Looking for investment properties to buy and hold.

Legally, a bird dog is paid for information and not if the deal closes. If they are being paid for closed deals, they are likely operating illegally.

You can contact investors who are advertising, you can attend investor meetings, you can post ads looking for people in your area (Craigslist, etc).

In some ways you are looking for a researcher who will find leads so they are selling you information.

Thanks for the clarity BTL. Basically were looking to invest and a good deals.

Do you have the cash and credit to invest?

Assuming you do, think about what you would spend on marketing. Could you hire someone to do it for you. Call them a bird dog or call them something else.

Okay I have a follow up question. What do I say to someone that wants me to accept a fee only if a deal closes? Do I walk away from such a deal?

credit in 800s and we have cash for a downpayment from $250-300K

Have never ever heard this term, except possibly when talking about sport dogs for retrieving game birds…must be a purely American thing?

Very commonly used term with USA RE investors. It means more or less exactly the same as a dog when hunting. Someone to flush out leads for an investor to then deal with as they see fit.

It is a common request. You have to decide if it is legal in your state (assuming USA). If it is not legal, then you are taking a risk. Some take the risk and figure they will not be noticed. RE agents are the folks most likely to turn someone in as you are competing with them.

I have seen some of your other posts. Which market are you hoping to invest in? You live in the LA area. Are you looking to invest there on in other states? There is a part of the forum organized by state.

You could also use Craigslist or similar to reach people.

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Local college have really great potiental to find a bird dog. Craigslist will be great also. Backpages is another good place to find these. Don’t forget your other partners in crime…other wholesalers. :beer