Where To Buy Budget Windows?

I’ve got to replace 8 windows in the latest project. The glass is falling out of the old single-pane, and they all need scraping and painting…

So I found an installer who will do a professional job for $150/window, but I need budget windows, maybe 26 inch x 48 in.

We are going to measure the exact opening when he removes the first old window.

My install guy says they are available way cheap on the internet. Anybody done any windows lately?


In my area there are always several dealers selling windows cheap on craigslist. Occasionally you’ll see a private individual with windows from a remodel project or ??? for REALLY cheap. Other than that, Home Depot American Craftsman in stock windows are pretty reasonable.


Contact the siding and gutter companies in your area. Ask if they supply windows, if they do I can guarantee they will have windows on clearance leftover from orders never picked up…You may have to adjust the rough openings a little, however if they are pretty close in size your installer should be able to brake the aluminum in a way which makes evberything look fine…

By the way…I wouldn’t pay the installer any more than $100.00 per opening…Not a dollar more.

I agree with Mr. Rehab. $150 per window labor is expensive. I replaced 26 windows on my 4 unit. The cost was $200 per window, including installation. Some installers can put in a window in 45 min.


Every lesson that I learn costs me money. The installer is a contractor who did really good work before. At first he quoted $170/window, and came down to $150 as I had fallen over on the floor.

Now I can bargain for $100 next time, and go for a different guy. Still no one has a website to order cheap windows from? I couldn’t find one.

I don’t know of any siding or gutter people here. I believe the siding people are free lancers who come in from other areas. Several contractors do have the metal gutter machines.

I’m off to Home Depot with my tape measure.


Dont forget to ask them for a discount. They should easily give you 10% off. I got 15% off but I bought 19 windows.

The sales guy selling the windows usually has no authority to make a deal but if you bring it up and hold your ground he will shortly call his supervisor on the phone and you should get it. Atleast thats what happend to me.

Thanks for the tip. Home Depot here does not carry American Craftsman, only Jeldwen. And they only carry windows in even foot sizes! Like 2x3, 3x4, etc.

Now I have figured out all the ugly remodels around town where the house ends up with tiny little windows.

Time to hit all the lumberyards, siding contractors if I find one, and maybe Craig’s list. I can also drive to Lowes, but that is an all day trip.



What part of the Country are you in?

If you are close to a Major City I guarantee that there is an gutter and roofing supply house in your area. Guys who install gutters and siding have to buy their coils from somewhere even if they use a machine to fabricate the gutters. Ask a siding installer where he buys his flat stock.

Larger supply houses for metal may manufacturer windows. Its worth a try.

You really need more information. What kind of windows are you looking for? New construction or remodel? Wood or vinyl? Double hung or casement? Quality or dirt cheap or in between?

I prefer the Andersen 200 series windows at about $150/opening. I think their reputation makes a difference when selling and they make a pretty good product. ANyway, $100/opening is a lot. Some of these windows I can put in in an hour.

Not near a major city, 3 & 1/2 hours to Albuquerque, Lubbock or El Paso. I am looking for moderate quality white vinyl windows, single or double hung for a remodel.

I will do more checking tomorrow.


Looking to buy double pane windows. I need 6 of them and need nothing exspensive :flush

Where have you tried looking?

I purchased my windows from Window World, large national chain. I paid $200 per window for installation and the window… not a bad deal I didn’t think. My property is 60yrs old so standard windows wouldn’t work. If they’re in your area I would give them a call. The guys I worked with where great; professional, reliable, and quick… installed 11 windows in 1/2 a day.

They also turned me onto a gutter and siding company that did a really good job for a fair price.

Good Info but what if I just bought a house that has good windows but needs screens? Where to get them cheap besides HD? Tks

Another gobbledly-gooker trying to get his link out there

Home depot and other discount suppliers are usually pretty good. I would contact everyone I know and play the numbers game to find the 3-5 cheapest options and choose the best.

 Window Word is a good option. Maybe do a Google search for custom manufactured replacement windows, then find the closest company to you. There are many manufacturer's in my area that build windows. I see signs on the road for $188 per window installed I'm a contractor and will pay them to put them in at that price. 

  $150 per window installation is on the high side unless it includes wrapping the alum. and hauling away the old windows. On the other hand at $150 from someone who has done good work for you you know what you are getting. Someone lse may show up to install the windows and leave with them. With construction you get what you pay for and as I do more work for people my price gets lower and lower.