Where to buy 20" wide 6 panel doors

where could I find some smaller size 6 panel doors for access doors for furnace?

since home depot and lowes only go down to 24" wide, I don’t think I can cut them down, unless I buy solid doors, which I prefer not to do.


Here there is a lumber store/hardware store that has a huge collection of used doors and windows, all sizes. There might be something like that in your area.

I have also ordered odd-sized doors direct from the factory. I did this at the local Ace Hardware, etc. that sells doors. Took about 1-2 weeks to arrive.


You’re right about not being able to cut the ones from Lowe’s or HD down. I bought some cheap interior wood doors from Lowe’s for sliding closet doors. They were the standard 80" high. I had to trim them down to fit the closet (especially with the rollers at the top. I found out the hard way you can only cut about 1/2 inch from any edge safely. Anyting beyond that is going to cause problems.
What about getting louver style doors like on some bi-fold doors?
We have a used place here owned by a guy who owns a construction company. Anything they pull out of house that’s any good gets sent to this warehouse for resale. I’ve bought a couple doors from them. There might be someone where you are who’s saving construction materials from rehabs.


You can cut the hollow core doors down further. Here is what you do:

Get a good circular saw blade with small teeth.

make your measurement and then roll blue painters tape along the section you plan to cut. This help prevent splintering while you are cutting.

use a chalk line and make a mark on top of the tape where you will cutting.

Cut the section off.

There will be a solid 1 1/2 solid piece that comes off. detach the solid section that comes off and slide it into the cavity created in the part you intend to use . apply a bead of liquid nails (buy the one for paneling) on both sides of the solid piece before you slide it in… Use clamps to hold it in place until it dries Once it dries you may want to add a few brad nails or staples. The small holes can be filled with a wood filler.

This may sound complicated but it isn’t really that hard to do. I wouldn’t advise doing this with a paneled door. It works best with flush doors. It will look odd on a six paneled door.

I’m interested in the 2nd door from left in Pic 1. Can you supply glazed side panels to suit this door. I want to fit it to a 1780 x 2100 opening. Also, can you replace clear glass with obscured or pattern glass. :guns

Are you placing an order or just increasing your post count?