where to begin

Hi, I am very new to this and not sure where to begin.I drive by a house in my neiborhood every day that seems to be abandoned.The grass needs to be cut,shrubs are growing wild,never a car in the driveway day or night,never a light on.Thinking maybe I could flip this for a quick deal to a rehabber to get my feet wet and gain some confidence.WHERE SHOULD I BEGIN? Knock at the door?Talk to the neibors?Go to the city tax assessors office and try to get a name of who is paying the taxes(if their being paid)

   Would appreciate any guidance in this matter!

                                  Total Newbie

I think you pretty much got it. Go and find out who owns the place and take it from there. You can talk to the neighbors if you’d like to find out if it really is vacant. Chances are if it looks that way it probably is. Good luck on this one you should jump on it quick. When talking with the neighbors you don’t want them to know exactly what your intentions are maybe just want to say you were thinking of buying the place. Talking to the neighbors can get you a whole lot of information sometimes. They may have owners information.