Where to Advertise

I am looking to sell some of my rental units. Can anyone recommend a good place to advertise? I am trying to generate a lot of calls

Try direct mail. Send postcards to the areas that you want to invest.

Here are a few good threads on the subject:


Hope this helps.

:-X Oops, sorry, I misread your thread, I thought you were looking to buy.

I always get a good response doing the online classified ads just for my local area. It is not the newspaper but like an online magazine for our tri-county area with news, ads, forums, etc. Works great and costs 19.95 to advertise w/ a pic! You can have your tel#, e-mail, and website link for them to select just off the one ad.

I’ve also liked my responses from craigslist.org too. The ads are free and you can do a new re-worded ad every day if you want. You also may want to do an ad to get a list of just investors to work with and one of those may want to buy all of your rentals!

Hope it helps. Are you in MD? If so, I have some investors that may be interested.

Good luck! ;D

Craigslist is a good idea. Try your local investors club… there’s always an investor on the hunt for a good deal as long as it makes sense. Another method is to advertise in your local realtor section.

Basically, think of your audience and feed your ad to them…