Where should I start looking for investment partners

I am a real estate agent, i most do apartment rentals.
I notice the investors and landords make the most money in real estate
I have bad credit and do have any money to put down for investment properties
Any suggestions on where i should start looking for investors with cash
I come across great deals all the time, just no money to get the deals

When you say you “come across great deals all of the time”, what constitutes a “great deal” in your mind?

what constitutes a "great deal" in your mind

Obiwan1250 is right. Everyone has their own definition of a “great deal.” If you looking for investment partners with cash you have to be specific, like…

"I come across young adults who inherit age-restricted homes in Sun City, Arizona because their elderly parents have passed. They choose to keep making $1,150 a month payments on these homes for years, in hopes to eventually make $100,000 when the market turns.

“I’ve calculated that if we could present X, the possible results could be Y, then we do Z.”

Personal relationships offer the best chance of success and I’m not suggesting friends or family. You might meet like-minded contacts at a local real estate club. Alternately, if none exists in the area to your liking, you can easily start one on your own using www.meetup.com.

Running a club yourself enables you to control the agenda and be the focus for all members and prospective speakers, if any. You don’t have to be a RE expert to do this, just a good organizer.

Make sure you understand and follow all SEC rules when forming deals (i.e. partnerships or syndications) with strangers.

Equity is dead on. REI groups are vital for new investors starting out, but don’t dimish the relationships with people you already have. In your circle of friends and family, there’s more than likely someone in the RE industry, whether they are contractors, agents, or just a rich uncle. My business partner is my father in law, the first deal I did (and someone who I still work with) is a friend of a friend who just happened to be a REI himself, and my man who I bounce business ideas off of is a coworker/friend whos also an entreprenuer.

“Six degrees of separation” rule definetely applies here…

The best source to find reliable investment partner is local newspaper carrying classified advt. section.

Start with getting clear on what you would offer to someone to be a partner with you. You want to have a specific and detailed program on what interest rate you will offer, or what split you will offer. Also, what is the maximum loan to value you would bring someone in on. Many people think a good deal is getting a $100k house for $90k, however, I wouldn’t lend money to someone on a deal like that. The most we put our private lenders into a deal for is 80% loan to value. If they are in 1st mortgage position we pay them 9% interest; 2nd mortgage position is 11%. Another investor I know works with a money partner and they split all deals 50/50.

Next, word of mouth. Start talking to EVERYONE you know, meet, etc. about the high interest rates you’re paying. Don’t prejudge and only talk to people who you think have money. Many people have IRA’s and other investment income but live paycheck to paycheck. Talk to everyone.

Last, follow up often. Invite people to coffee, lunch, whatever and explain some of the deals you have come across and how they could benefit. Show them what you bring to the table and establish credibility with your knowledge. Then, ask for the “sale”.


Try everyone you know, REI clubs, chamber, networking events, etc. You can even have Title pull records of homes with Private Beneficiaries or held in Trusts. Those are current private investors and they can be contacted.