Where should I be finding my rehab properties?

The MLS, from wholesalers, using my own bird dogs, driving neighborhoods, or all of the above?

Does it make any difference? You aren’t willing to do anything consistently. I mean, if you don’t get instant, easy and exciting results, you quit. Like bandit signs.

Is this serious? You’ve been told every way possible.

What happened with the over priced bandit signs you ordered?

I’m on the list for several wholesalers in my area. I think I will find better deals that way than on the MLS. I can only do one at a time. I know that my rehab costs will be less than the stated cost because I will do most of the work myself. The only things I don’t know how to do are replacing circuit panels, roof shingles, ceramic tile, and a few other things, but I should learn those quickly.


There’s my magnets on my truck. No calls yet.

Still don’t want to spend Friday night/Monday morning dealing with bandit signs. I have 3 herniated discs in my back. Maybe some day, but not every single weekend.