Where next.? Advice needed

Hello my name is Colin and I am in Kansas City Mo, at present I am with my partner on my 5th rehab project for a wholesaler in this area, I have a knack for finding good deals that need more work than most investors in the area will tackle probably as me and my partner can do almost all the work so our labor costs are not as prohibative. There are so many investors and wholesaler looking for the cosmetic deals in this area I feel the the market is wide open on the higher end properties. I would prefer too refi or sell 1 large property every couple of months than deal with the nutbreaking cosmetics in volume to make the same $$. Now to age old problem Money this business revolves around investors, Private money Lenders and hard money lenders, Good hard money Lenders are quite easy to find thanks to forums like this, But private money and Investors are another Matter any guidance For someone whom owns no property has poor credit although my partners in good would be greatly appriciated.

Thanks for any resposes in Advance

Colin T

You might try a local REI club. Some of the members may be Private lenders and/or the members may provide some contacts.

have you written a business plan?

if they’re done correctly, they can really help obtain private funding.