Where is this "POOL OF INVESTERS"

I keep seeing these programs that want you to pay them $500-$2000 dollars to get access of there “Pool Of Investors”. Most of them are set up for you to find the deal that meets there criteria, submit it to there investors and they will buy the deal from you or split the profit. My thinking is, If the company is legit and they are going to be making all this money with you. Why do you have to pay them up front. If they took something out of the first deal, that would be fine. If I started making $7,500 on the deals that I send them and use none of my own money. I would happily pay them $2,000 out of my first deal. What do you think?

Has anyone worked with one of these programs?

Is there a “Pool Of Investers” that dont cost money?

This sounds pretty much like a scam. Maybe they are trying to sell you their “buyer list”? I think you need to find your own investors …who knows if their leads/“investors” are even legit. You can do a lot of advertising with $500-$2000 .

I second what Investorman said.

Sounds like a scam to me.

What happens if you pay the money and then they never buy one of your deals?

I’d stay away.

Steph :cool

no, i have never used one of those programs, because of the same reason. i agree with the others about it being a scam and staying away . i have come across investors by driving neighborhoods and wrriting down info from investors advertisements.

I haven’t heard of them either but I would stay away. You have to be careful about these types of programs. Look for investors in your area that you can actually talk to. As you drive your neighborhoods, look for homes that are being rehabbed and go talk to those investors they are always looking for their next deal.

An investor came to me about 8 months ago asking for my help with a property she had bought. She bought it from one of these “Investor Group” companies, she paid $550,000 for the house. Well she couldn’t sell or rent it out and was asking me to help her. I did some research and found that 2 months before she bought it, the builder sold it for $375,000. All this company did was have it appraised by one of their appraisers for the new higher value. The new appraisal was a scam, the value of the home was and still is at the $375,000. I stayed away because I didn’t need to be caught up in a federal investigation, which was coming.