Where is a good place to advertise for wholesale mentor?

I am new to the business and looking for a mentor in Southern California. Does anyone know where I can find a mentor to get my business started and learn the wholesaling process? What’s the best offer to trade for their mentorship.


The best place to find a local mentor is your local real estate investment association.

Your answer is to network in any way possible. Attend meetings, call bandits signs and classified ads, talk with other professionals around the area, see who’s posting on CList consistently, etc. I found my mentor through my church.

Additionally, you must always provide them value as well. When I first got started, I would help them with monotonous tasks like sending out letters, building lists, helping to manage their rehabs, making calls, and whatever else they will allow you to do.

The more you help them with their business, the more you will learn about the business. Try to be creative and you’ll find plenty to do.

Build a list of buyers and find some of the biggest wholesalers in your area and ask can you wholesale some of their deals to your buyers. As you are working ask questions along the way. They will be more inclined to spend time answering your questions if you are in the process of making yourself some money and bringing a buyer for their deals. Don’t just tie someones time up asking questions and being stopped by fear.

You are going to make some mistakes I promise you my friend. Get over that fear and rebound each time you do. There are very few people who do real estate and haven’t been a joke at it at one point or another.

Also, question the person’s credentials. Make sure he or she has actually done deals.

start at your local club and ask someone at the table where you sign in who you should talk to/meet. I also called signs, ads, billboards, etc.