Where do you guys find cheap carpet.

Around here it seems the best price I can find is about $2.00 a sq. ft. I have a home that needs close to 1200sq. ft. Now this is a considerable amount on a 65k house. The question I have is where do you guys find decent carpet for 1.50 a sq. ft. installed? I see that you recommend not to pay what I have a quote for, but I could use some help. Thanks.

Lowes or Home Depot. A few times a year they offer free padding. That saves a bundle. Also with their 6 months no interest no payments you are getting an cheap interest free loan.

Lowe’s on sale…plus 10% military (retired…woo hoo!) discount.

Sometimes, I see a local company that can compete, too.


Cheap contractor home builder carpet, $1.30 sqrft installed w/pad. You have to ask for it and certain places have it (or will admit they have it). It’s cheap, it’s the crap they put in new homes.

We have several “discount carpet” outlets in our area. they have some great deals. 1.30-1.50

if you know anyone doing prop. mgmt., ask them. They will know the place that gives good prices and service.