Where do you get your list?

May I ask as a beginner where you seasoned and experinced rehab investors get your listings from. Where will you recommend I look as a beginner.
Thanks in advance for your responses.

Howdy Mensimah:

Lately I have been getting mine from the MLS. In the Killeen , Texas area there are a lot of VA foreclosures and they are listed with local Realtors. Here in Austin I bought a $165,000 house for $24,000 thru the local MLS. It was under contract when I first saw it but the Realtor called his list of investors who had called on it and I bought it the next day. It need over $70,000 in repairs and hard money costs but we will still do great.

I bought another rehab property, 31 units, thru Loopnet. It is a national commercial MLS of sorts. Loopnet.com is the link.