Where do you get a foreclosure List?


I am wanting to do 2 or 3 fix and flips in my local area of Horsham PA and wanted to know the best place to get a foreclosure list from?

From your nearest friendly neighborhood RE agent (at least the one that you want to work with).

The majority of foreclosures are now listed on the MLS and you can only buy them thru agents. The days are gone where you can deal with the banks directly.

No point in paying for a foreclosure list when your agent can get you the same info for free.


There are lots of places, especially if you just put in forclosures into google, but the only problem with those is that you have to pay.

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also look in the paper or the legal paper in your area. This is to work the pre-foreclosure angle.

HUD: http://www.hud.gov/utilities/intercept.cfm?http://www.hooksvanholm.com/PropertyPennsylvania.aspx

VA: http://www.ocwen.com/reo/reoproplist.cfm?stateChosen=PA


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What is the market like in your area? After looking at all of the HUD homes available PA it seems like it should be easy to find a house, but what are they selling for in the area after completion? It looks like there are some good buys, but can you fix and sell them for right price and make money.

The one company that I stumbled on in my research is actually located in PA and that should help your cause. Some of these lenders want to be involved from the start or before you purchase the property. The seasoning of the loan may cause some problems.

http://www.rehabfunding.com/ PA
http://www.rapidfunding.com/requirements.htm CO

Go get them and make the $$$!
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