Where do you advertise your vacant units?

Hi all,
I was going to put a couple of vacant plots which I have for sale but do not see a place for it, so I would like to know where you typically advertise the vacancies in your rental properties. Please let me know if know any popular site where I can put my property advertisement.
Thanks in advance!

You need to advertise where the people that will rent your property will look. For example in Houston the people that rent houses $1000/month and less look for places in a free paper called The Greensheet. If I were to sell a house or rent to a higher price point it would be the Houston Chronicle. My point is that you need to know your market and where they look. Advertise there.

That’s relatively easy question you can answer at the 7-11 on Sunday morning—go to the convenience store located in the same town/city your properties are and look at the classified section—which ever has the biggest real estate section wins (there is reason why that particular newspaper has the market share—it’s been tested by others and has been proven to be most effective).


Scott Miller