Where do investors gets leads?

I have a few leads in Georgia and Tennessee and was wondering how investors get leads and what do they typically pay for them?

Check the newspapers, for sale by owner magazines, also check out www.forsalebyowner.com and leads from other investors. Plenty of websites have great leads, but some of the best ones come from other investors (who you will meet when you start calling some of the ads in the paper)

If you’re trying to sell leads, try calling the “we buy houses” ads in the paper. Many of those investors might be interested in working with you. Investors typically will pay $250 - $1000 on leads in which they buy a property.

You know an quality Investor Leads can guide you to find the right thing. If you want to motivated to sell your leads it will be a good option to sell it a company. There are many companies or real estate agents are ready to bye your leads. You may set the price by negotiation.

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I am getting leads from the reference of my old customers and also from the internet marketing efforts done by the service providing company.