Where do I start?

I am just getting started in the business. I have a lot of business experience but no real estate experience. Where would you recommend starting. I was thinking of trying to work temporarily with a REI company, home inspection, appraisal etc.

I am young so I can afford to take a year to make sure I know a lot more and do not make a bad decision. I am taking various classes to meet my goals but there is nothing better than experience.


What classes are you taking? what are you looking to do buy and hold sub-2 fix and flip? Bird dog?

There are a ton of great investors in here!!

Best of luck to you!

I am taking a real estate investment class, hom inspection class and I have been reading books like crazy.

I am looking to buy rental property(homes and apartments), fix and flip and ultimately land development. Basically I am at the stage where I will go with any niche that I can be successful in.

I do not have a lot of capital at the present time so buying and holding is not in the cards at this time. I would like to build equity over the next year or two and then branch out.



Are you in Columbus?

No I’m in Cincinnati.