Where do I Start

I am new to real estate investing. I want to start submitting offers. I do not know what forms to use. I want to submit offers for wholesaling and rehabbing. Are there any fillable forms out there? The ones I have come across I have to write the information in.


They are called real estate contracts and you will need to fill in the data according to the property (Address) what your offering and how it's carried out (Terms and Conditions) and your intentions for closing dates and terms. (Title / escrow)

I can send you a contract by email if you would like, send me a PM (Personal Message) in REI Club with your email address and I will send it out in the next few days.

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I typically take my forms and upload them to adobe echosign or another e-signature site. It makes filling out, sending, and receiving the forms back easy.

You can set the form to be printable so that you can capture a ‘wet’ signature. I use it in my personal PM software to automate the process of buying, selling, leasing, contracting/sub-contracting, and using my field reps to scout, inspect, and report on properties for me.

A good attorney will help you get the right documents together, then the right research and technology can help you automate your business processes.
Your local REIA would be a great place to start!

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Many newbies are too concerned with the details.
First, find some insane deals. Then go to next step, If you come across a deal at 30-40% of ARV you will quickly figure out how to get it on contract and get it sold.
Actually the purchase contract and the assignment of contract is very easy, just intimidating at first.
Finding these deals is the hard part, and it takes work, marketing and time.
IM me or email me and I’ll send you the simple contracts I’ve used many times.
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Would you help a fellow investor out? Send me the forms you use to put a house under contract and the assignment form too please. I have been looking online and I see a bunch of CAR long complicated forms. By the way I bought the book you recommended Real Estate on Steroids it will arrive next week.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Rando!

P.s. I love your posts! “Let’s make some Money!”

You need three forms, Purchase and Sale agreement with seller and Assignment to investor.

Wanted to point out that once you have these contracts, it would be a good idea to have a real estate attorney review them and edit if necessary so they align with your state-specific laws, especially if you’re going to wholesale.

Good luck!

Hey Monica,

It’s Chris and I’m checking in 5 years later to hear about the success you had with the advice you received.

It’s been a while, and even though over 1,000 rehabs have went by, I still remember clearly where https://www.OleaInvest.com got its start. The very forums here at REI Club helped shape the company. The interviews with JP Moses and working with $40M/year firms have really jettisoned us into a new playing field.

I wanted to circle back around and provide my vote of confidence and some motivation. Right now, the biggest exchange of wealth is happening. Are you prepared?

If you are looking to wholesale you should reach out to the title company that you want to use to close with. They should have a contract they like using. There are lots of contracts online but it is important that yours come from someone that is local to your area, you understand what everything means and the title company you are using is comfortable. So save your self the time and go the title company. Also talk about what you want to do and get comfortable with how you will work with them so you are ready when people accept your offers and move through the process smoothly.