Where do I go to find true and serious investors

I am having a hard time finding true and serious investors. I get a lot of non-sence and if I am going to go out and find all kinds of deals and pick them up and assign the contract to another investor than golly gee I want serious people on my team…Who knows how to get these investors that want to join me?

There’s no magic bullet. Just have to invest hard work and time to build your list. Business 101 taught us about barriers to entry. If barriers to entry are low, then it is easy to have a lot more participants. The barriers to entry are low to become an investor, a realtor, etc., thus you have to weed out more of them to get to the good ones.

Advertise in the paper for serious investors, build or rent a web site, put out flyers and business cards to attract investors to call. One way to weed them out is to ask if they are full-time investors or how many transactions they do a year, etc.

I have over 300 “investors” in my database. About 30 are serious.

One of the better places to find serious investors would be at your local REI clubs. They usually meet once a month, have a speaker, and do networking. You should be able to find serious investors there and/or at least meet like minded people who know serious investors.

What have you done to attract serious investors?

You know, on any given day any “serious investor” might not be, depending upon his current situation/inventory!


Post on craigslist an ad:

“Serious Investors (Real Estate) needed for deals below market. Must have cash and able to close fast.”

Then you have to talk with them over the phone meet them in person. Have a cup of coffee. Discuss how they work with Bird Dogs etc. There are a lot of things you need to learn, but that’s what we do all life anyway.
Good Luck!