where do i go for more info?

hey guys… i’ve only read a couple of books on rehabbing (buy it, fix it, sell it: profit by kevin myers and start small, profit big in real eatate by jay p. decima). these two books were enough to have me watering at the mouth because i know this would be something i would love to do. what i want to know is where else can i go for more information? i want to learn as much as i possibly can. i’m ready to drown myself in books i just need to know which ones are good. thanks

I bought a home study course as well as a Tuition based college to learn about rehabbing, tenanting, legal, tax, short sales, foreclosures, etc…


You share the same enthusiasm as many of us on this board. Getting educated is a must but it can be very overwhelming. There is so much out there and so many different ways to gain in REI. Determine what you want to do, short and long term goals. Then pick an area and focus.

By far, the best resource that I have ever come across was joining a local REI group. If you are serious about getting into RE, this is a must do.

Best of luck to you!